Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Water Pilot is in the review process by Apple!

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, we've been adding the finishing touched to Water Pilot. Every detail, and every feature that we, as boaters ourselves, think would be useful, we've added. 

Some of these new features include data logging, a more intuitive way to save routes, and more. We're please to say that we've added all of these new features on top of an already wonderful GPS navigation system, and think that you'll love Water Pilot just as much as we do.

At the time of writing this, Water Pilot has officially started the process of being put into the App Store. It has been submitted to Apple, and we are waiting for it to be accepted into the App Store. If all goes well, it will be accepted into the App Store quickly, and will be available to download. At worst, some minor tweaks may be needed to be made, however this is really the final step to being able to download Water Pilot, and it will soon be available for download. We're just as excited as you are to see Water Pilot in your hands, and we can't wait to see you using it.

Keep in touch for more news about the development of Water Pilot, including additional upcoming features, and feel free to contact us with your questions or comments about Water Pilot once it's finally in your hands, which is right around the corner.

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