Friday, June 3, 2016

New update available for Water Pilot

Today we've released an update for Water Pilot that will make the app even easier to use than before. These updates relate to adding new waypoints. While entering new waypoints have always been easy, due to the simplicity of just pressing a spot on the map in the waypoint screen, we've changed the view of the waypoint coordinates - we've made it so that now the coordinates are displayed in a degrees, decimal-minutes format. We've also added a selector for choosing North/South and East/West. This will make it easier than it ever was before.

In addition, when adding a waypoint, we've added a new button that simply inserts your current location as a waypoint. Now if you want to add a waypoint where you currently are at, there's no questioning whether or not you're adding it at precisely the right spot - it is done for you!

Other improvements include performance enhancements, minor bug fixes, and various improvements to work better on newer iOS versions.

Summer is finally here, and we're all looking forward to getting back out on the water. From all of us working hard on Water Pilot, we hope you have a great summer and enjoy every minute of it.